How I Fit a Large Wardrobe into a Carry-On

Guest post by Alyssa Girgash


My goal is always to pakt less, experience more (and have a great outfit while doing it). Since my wardrobe is quite expansive I figured out a few tricks to make a carry-on work for me. The Pakt One bag has many advantages that take us from sacrificing for the carry-on to thriving with a carry-on. Here are a few of my tricks to experience your trip without extra baggage in the best outfits possible.  



Lay out all your outfits, including belts, shoes, accessories before attempting to pack. This way you know how much really needs to be packed and can make sure to have full outfits without forgetting any little details.


Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes

Use packing cubes. The Pakt bag has two zippered compartments when you unzip the bag in half. I find these spaces immensely helpful for holding packing cubes. Packing cubes allow you to compress everything and fit WAY more in than you would without them, there by expanding your outfit possibilities. I’ve found the Pakt holds one large and 2-3 small to mid size packing cubes depending on what's in them.

    Roll Clothes

    Roll your clothes

    Roll your clothes for not only maximum space saving but also so it’s easy to see where everything is. If you follow Marie Kondo she advises you to fold clothing so it stands up and you can see everything in your drawers. I follow this rule for packing a suitcase too. This way you can see all the options at a glance and save space while doing it.

    Strategically Pack

    Strategically Pack
    Since the Pakt bag unzips down the middle we can pack more strategically, placing our items exactly where we want them. This small detail has allowed me to pack an extra few items, like an extra tee shirt for when you get off the plane and want to feel fresh. If you plan out where everything is going rather than shoving it in, you’ll find there’s more room than you realized.

      There you have it! 

      There you have it, all my space saving tricks to put your large wardrobe into a carry on. I’ve been using the Pakt for a few months and won’t go back to anything else. The hidden pockets, zippers, and thought out details make a perfect companion to my packing tricks. Check out the Pakt One for your next trip if you want to fit everything and still travel light.

      Alyssa Girgash is a podcaster and advocate for practical vegan & sustainable living. You can find her talking about zero waste, spreading kindness, and thrifting over on the Live Planted Podcast and on instagram at Live Planted.



      Hey Jane! We recommend using small refillable bottles that you can fill your own shampoo with, and finding a dopp kit / toiletry bag that packs flat or takes up very little room. We’ve used versions from Baggu and they’re fantastic:


      These things never include sundries, i.e. toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc. I find once I add those things then suddenly I don’t have enough space, and yes, I have a particular brand of shampoo I use. If I go out of my way to use it at home then why suddenly would I just use any old thing they supply at the hotel?

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