Backpack or Duffel?

Travel backpacks and duffels both have their own benefits and their own quirks. From where you’re going and how long you’ll be carrying your bag, to what your personal style and preference is, there’s a lot to unpack when choosing your ideal travel bag companion. Let’s get to it!


The Backpack


The Pakt Travel Backpack


  • Mobility: When it comes to mobility it's hard to beat a backpack. If you’ll be trekking for long distances (like long, long hikes through airport corridors), over rough surfaces and/or elevation (escalators, stairs, other various transportation hurdles), a good travel backpack is a solid choice. 
  • Comfort: A good backpack will come with features for weight distribution– The Pakt Travel Backpack was designed to have the same all-day-carry comfort of a trekking backpack. Features like the hip belt and load lifters (located on the shoulder straps) help distribute weight for a more comfortable carry. 
  • Hands-free travel: From grabbing your passport to holding snacks and fumbling with your boarding pass, hands are needed for travel. If you’re looking for convenience, a backpack is a safe bet. 


  • Heating Up: Even with the best foam padding, backpacks can leave your back sweaty and your shirt wrinkled.  
  • Preference: Not everyone loves the look of a backpack


The Duffel 

The Pakt One travel duffel bag

The Pakt One Duffel


  • Quick access: Travel duffels have very quick and easy on and off the shoulder access for quick breaks or to get what you need out of the bag.
  • Vibes: Some people think a duffel is the more fashion forward look, so if looking slick is a major concern, the duffel may be for you. 
  • Off your back: As previously mentioned, backpacks cause sweat. Not a good look. With a duffel, your back stays sweat free and clear while you make it to your gate or when hustling to the office. 


  • More maneuvering: The duffel requires a little more effort to carry around while traveling as it’s not totally hands-free. 
  • Comfort: The duffel won’t be quite as comfortable for longer journeys, as there is not a weight distribution system to help balance the load. 

Both bags

The Pakt One Duffel and the Pakt Travel Backpack

  • Are carry-on friendly
  • Have the same zip around, dual-compartment clamshell design that keeps your clothes and essentials neat and organized
  • Have quick exterior access points to access everything you need while on the go
  • Have padded internal laptop pockets
  • Are durable and made with water-resistant materials, premium hardware and animal-friendly accents


The truth is out there. Which is your go to, and why?