Let’s Work Together.

You’re our greatest resource in Pakt design research. Seriously! From the first production order to the second, and in the development of our new products, there are alterations we specifically made because of input that we’d been hearing from the community.

This time, we thought we’d go straight to the source.

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Community Sourced Design Improvements


Malcolm Fontier’s Getaway

The Getaway bag, a first of its kind clamshell duffel, makes its debut. Designed by Malcolm Fontier and Resource.

Pakt One
(Production Order 1)

Designed based on the original Getaway, with improvements made by Malcolm, Sprout, and feedback from The Minimalists.

  • The Getaway featured a metal D-ring and clip, which is pretty standard in the luggage industry, but with regular use, the metal-on-metal tended to wear away, causing the need for replacements and repairs. We replaced the metal D-ring with stitched webbing, which not only is more durable, but also silent.
  • The cloth-wrapped handles were replaced with heavy-duty stitched webbing, and the shoulder strap now features a more durable (and comfortable) cushion.
  • Addition of the TSA Pocket (patent pending).
  • Accessory loops.
  • Switched to durable webbing zipper pulls.

Pakt One
(Production Order 2)

The Pakt team made improvements on the Pakt One production order one based on feedback from the Pakt community.

  • For MP1, only the black bag featured YKK zippers. On MP2, there are YKK zippers across all three colorways.
  • We increased the main zipper size from a #8 to a #11 to increase zipper longevity.
  • After some users questioned the utility of the credit card pockets in the front pocket, we’ve updated the pocket to now have dedicated slots for a passport and a pen.

How It Works

Submit your idea for design improvements on one of our existing products (like the Pakt One).

If your idea is new and it makes it into the next production order, we’ll give you an upgraded Pakt One on us (hey, you earned it). We’ll also mention you and the original idea submitted on our website and on social media.