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The Pakt Travel Backpack Accessories Overview

Ever since we launched our campaign to fund The Pakt Travel Backpack, one of the most asked questions from backers has been “Can we see more photos of the backpack accessories?” It’s not that we haven’t wanted to share more– we’ve just been working on tuning up the prototypes so we had something accurate to show backers, and now that we’re so close to the golden samples, we’re finally able to share them!

The Rain Cover 


The Pakt Travel Backpack’s main fabric is coated with durable water resistant (what those in the bag biz call ‘DWR’) coating, which protects your pack from light weather and splashes. 



For an extra layer of protection against the elements, the rain cover fits snugly over the Pakt Backpack. It features a full wrap around design to provide water protection on all sides, including the back panel, and it doubles as a protective cover when checking your bag or leaving it unattended. It features a hooded water resistant zipper to allow access to the lower front pocket, so your items are protected, yet always within reach. 



The Packable Tote

The packable tote is an upgraded version of a popular tote we made for our Pakt One bag. It's compact, lightweight, and folds into an attached pocket, which you can stash perfectly in a mesh interior pocket. 


Unpack it at your destination to use it as a laundry, beach, or shopping bag. It’s also great as a shoe bag to keep your shoe soles from interacting with the rest of your gear.

Packing Cube Set


Our packing cube set is sized to perfectly fill the two sides of the Pakt Travel Backpack to maximize your use of the volume. 



A set includes 5 total pieces, consisting of 3 different sizes and styles: two large zippered cubes, 2 small zippered cubes, and one stuff sack style bag for items that you don't fold – like socks or underwear. The zippered cubes feature a translucent fabric top panel that allows you to easily identify contents without opening each cube.


1 x Stuff sack

For this test, I fit 6 pairs of socks, 6 pairs of underwear, 2 sports bras, and 1 bathing suit into this small sack.


2 x Small cubes

I fit 6 shirts of varying types into one small cube.


2 x Large cubes   

I packed 3 pairs of jeans, and 3 pairs of work out pants into one large cube.


The Rain Cover and the Tote fold up super compact into their attached pouches. When they’re not in use, they barely take up any extra space in your pack. We recommend stashing them in one of the small, interior pockets that you can access from the top zipper when you’re on the go (which might come in handy in the event of a surprise monsoon).

Ready for future travel? Pre-order the Pakt Travel Backpack and accessories on our Indiegogo campaign page


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