Unboxing The Pakt Coffee Kit

We’re so psyched to reveal the 100% plastic-free packaging for the Pakt Coffee Kit. Why do we think it’s a big deal that the packaging is plastic-free? Well, every year, billions of products are manufactured, packaged, and shipped around the world in plastic packaging. Those packaging materials make up approximately ⅓ of all plastic waste and stick around for centuries, often contaminating our environment, ocean, and wildlife. 

That’s why we have committed to designing and sourcing 100% plastic-free packaging for all Pakt products. We’re so passionate about tackling this problem that we run a separate company, called SeaHive, where we document and share all of our learnings to help other companies also eliminate plastic from their packaging.

So, let’s get into it! 


The exterior

The exterior of the Coffee Kit packaging

We designed the packaging to snugly and securely fit a single Pakt Coffee Kit, with no extra room that would require any plastic bubble void fill (the typical culprit of excessive plastic waste). This ensures that your Pakt Coffee Kit has very little chance of getting damaged in transit.

The SeaHive seal: this package is 100% plastic-free

The exterior of the box is also stamped with the SeaHive seal, proudly proclaiming that this package contains no plastic.



"Remove carefully; the Brew Guide is inside"

The brew guid print out looks great as a poster!

The Coffee Kit is wrapped in a beautiful (and handy!) brew guide illustrated by our friends at No Thanks; that doubles as a poster. Mine lives on my fridge! 

Instruction and safety print outs are also included

Also included in the box is a simple safety and usage guide. The full list of safety do’s and don’ts are also available at paktcoffee.com. You’ll also find a how-to guide on packing and unpacking your kit, reference for brewing the perfect cup, and some fun articles on how to level up your coffee geekery.