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Pakt Backpack Field Test: Elizabeth in Germany

Pakt Team Member Elizabeth’s Germany Journey w/ the Pakt Travel Backpack


I flew to Stuttgart, Germany from Atlanta, GA. We stayed in Mosbach and traveled around the area throughout the week to places like Bad Wimpfen, Heidelberg and Mannheim. We found great coffee shops, bars and cafes along the way, and of course, schnitzel and beer. 



The backpack felt great. The first day I struggled with the straps a bit. I needed to tighten them but couldn’t figure it out. Thankfully, Sara (Pakt Community & Creative Ops Wizard) came to the rescue and said they fit like a puzzle piece, and we got it perfectly fit for the rest of the trip. I literally packed it full, and I didn’t once feel like it was too heavy.



While traveling, the longest I had the pack on was probably about an hour without taking it off, but I also spent some days wearing the bag all day (4-5 hrs or more at a time) while we were out adventuring. I was glad to find it was easy to carry and not too heavy on my shoulders (I’m 5’4 for reference), plus the load lifters were really helpful for weight distribution. I always have tight shoulders from carrying bags while traveling, but I didn’t experience that once with the Pakt Travel Backpack.

Overall, It was super organized, lightweight, and was a breeze to carry on. 

A few other notes:

  • I also liked the multiple handles, so you could pick it up from the side or top if needed.
  • The water bottle holder was easy to access and the waterproof compartment came in handy multiple times. 
  • My favorite feature remains the laptop compartment because it is extremely accessible which made that part of the security process stress-free.


Elizabeth’s Germany Trip Tips


Where to stay 

I stayed with friends in Mosbach, but if I hadn’t, the AirBnB’s are super affordable. 

Car? Public Transit?

The train for sure. It’s affordable and you can download an app and get basically anywhere in Southern Europe within a few hours in a cost-effective way. 

What to see 

  • Hornberg Castle in Mosbach 
  • Bad Wimpfen (cute old town) 
  • Heidelberg castle
  • Heidelberg Cathedral Tower
  • Sunflower fields in Philippsburg (if you are there in the summer)

What to eat

  • Anna Blume Coffee Shop in Bad Wimpfen for brunch
  • Mosbacher Brauhaus for schnitzel and beer
  • Hermann Hardtner for coffee. 

What to pack 

Sweaters, umbrella and good walking shoes! 

Backpack tip 

Learn the features before you travel and you’ll have a comfortable and organized trip!