Level Up: Coffee Subscription 101

Welcome to Level Up, a series of columns about upping your coffee game by Dan Gentile, a writer and coffee enthusiast based in Austin, Texas. Images provided by our favorite coffee subscription service, Yes Plz.


Gazing lovingly at your meticulously sourced coffee beans is one of the best parts of a coffee snob’s morning, but keeping a fresh buffet of options requires real dedication. Level 8 coffee snobs may hate to admit it, but it can pay off to have those snobbier than thou pick out your beans.

That’s what coffee subscriptions are for. These days nearly every roaster offers their own model.




The big boys all offer plans where they’ll send their freshest single origins to your doorstep:


Smaller specialty roasters also offer subscriptions– some of our favorites include:


Odds are your local roaster is also in on the party and would love to give you all the coffee you could ever dream of for a monthly auto-draft. Check out our Crowdsourced Map of independent coffee roasters to find a Pakt-community-approved roaster nearby.


Picking a favorite roaster is a strong move, but why limit yourself to one brand when you could collect smartly designed bags from a bevy of roasters and pin them to a tackboard like coffee trophies?

  • Atlas Coffee Club gives subscribers a world tour of coffee origins, emphasizing what makes different countries special each month.
  • Mistobox is one of the biggest players in the industry and features many of the roasters listed above, with their Brew Queue allowing you to select what you’ll receive next.
  • Crema offers a similar model, with a cheeky “coffee playlist” element that presumably supplies coffee caviar and chill beans to study to.
  • Angel’s Cup takes another innovative approach, sending out blind bags that you review within their app to weed out coffee prejudices and fine tune your tastes.


All of the above services work with snob-approved roasters, but there’s definitely a few shady subscription models out there trading in back alley blends, so be sure to do the research to protect the sanctity of your coffee shelf.


Let us know about the good ones you find and if you happen to brew with a Pakt Coffee Kit we’d love to see photos too. Find us on Twitter and Instagram @paktbags.