Thanks for purchasing a Pakt Coffee Kit! We hope it saves you from bad coffee all over the world. 

The beauty of The Kit is that it was designed to be versatile so that you can use multiple pour over methods based on your preferences. Below is a simple recipe that will get you a great tasting cup, but don’t be afraid to play around with water, methods, and roasts to get your coffee to taste exactly how you like it!


Fill your kettle to the second line from the bottom (300 g) with clean water*


1. Fill your kettle to the second line from the bottom (300 ml) with clean water*

2. Push the button at the base of the kettle to begin heating. The button on the power base illuminates when it is in the ‘on’ position to show that it is actively heating the water.

    Engage filter

    3. Lift the upper part of the dripper to engage the three nubs in the slots and twist to lock them into place

    4. Place dripper on top of mug

    Place filter in dripper and fill with 3 even scoops of ground coffee

    5. Insert reusable filter or, if you prefer paper*, use a Hario V60 size 1 filter

    6. Add three scoops of medium/coarse ground coffee

    Once kettle has shut off, slowly pour just enough water over the grounds to wet evenly

    7. When your water is up to temperature, the kettle will beep to alert you and the kettle base light turns off. Lift the kettle off of the power base. Slowly pour just enough water over the grounds to wet evenly.

    NOTE: If you leave the power base button in the ‘on’ position, when you set the kettle back on the base it will begin re-heating your water to bring it back up to temperature. If you don’t wish to reheat the water you can either set the kettle on your table or counter surface rather than the base, or turn off the power base.

    8. Pause to allow coffee to bloom for 15-30 seconds

    9. Continue pouring from the center out in slow, concentric circles until the water is gone

    10. Allow all the water to drain

    11. Enjoy your coffee!


    *  If you’re using a paper filter, fill it one line higher (350 ml) so you have enough water to rinse the filter before adding your coffee in order to get rid of any paper-y taste before brewing. Paper filter users should also use a slightly finer grind for the coffee. 


    Fill Lines

    The lines inside the kettle are a visual guide to represent different water levels at 50 ml increments, from 250 ml at minimum to the maximum fill line of 400 ml. To brew a cup that fills the included travel coffee mug perfectly, you’ll need to fill the kettle with water up to the second line (300 ml). For other cups or personal preferences, you’ll be able to use the other lines for reference. 


    Advanced Options 

    The world of specialty coffee is large and expansive and there are more ways to make amazing coffee than we could possibly encapsulate here, but below are a few online resources for taking your coffee game up a notch.


    • The National Coffee Association’s primer on coffee brewing essentials 
    • The brew guides over at Stumptown Coffee 
    • Seattle Coffee Gear’s YouTube channel
    • We love the 4:6 method invented by 2016 World Brewers Cup Champion Tetsu Kasuya
    • The mug lid doubles as a tray to set the dripper on after you brew to avoid making a mess on the table surface. You can also use it to carry the dripper to the trash or sink to empty if the grounds are still dripping.
    • And finally, check out Level Up, Pakt’s own series of how-to guides for brewing better joe 


    Troubleshooting & FAQ's

    Please visit our Troubleshooting Guide or reach out to us directly at


    Download the Brew Guide poster here.