One thing I noticed is that the spout contained a black compound from manufacturing, or oxidation. Either way, putting the kettle through a boil or two and washing it through the spout is probably a good idea. 

Yes, we agree! Please hand wash the components of the kit (the grounds container, the mug, the lid, the scooper) before brewing. Wipe out the kettle and boil water a few times, pouring water through the spout before use. Do not submerge the kettle or the base in water under any circumstances. 

Why is the middle hole on the lid different from the other two?

The middle vent in the lid has small ribs inside its circular hole. This is for those that want to use a probe thermometer to check the temperature of their water when fine tuning their brewing process with an exact temperature. Insert the thermometer through this hole, and you won’t have to remove the lid while the water is heating. The ribs make that hole sized to perfectly hold most probe thermometers, but will still allow steam to escape around it. If we made it so that the probe plugged the entire vent hole there would be a risk of too much pressure building up and boiling over. 

Why does it take so long for the water to boil? Is my kit defective?

The time it takes for your kit to reach temperature (your kit will beep and auto turn off at a slow boil temperature of 205 degrees) will vary based on a few things:

1 -  Voltage: the higher the voltage of the country or region the person is in, the faster it will heat. As an example, water will boil at roughly 5 minutes on Japanese 100v; 3.5-4 min on US 120; and about 2.5 min on 220v. 

2 - Volume and starting temperature of water

3 - Altitude: The kettle is designed to shut off when it reaches 205 degrees F (96.1 C) -- the high end of the range most consider the perfect temperature for pour over coffee.  Because water boils at a lower temperature at higher elevations, your water may never reach 205 degrees, and therefore will not turn off on it’s own after 5 minutes. 

We added an 8 minute timer shutoff so that no matter where you are, or what voltage you are on, your water would have reached a boil by 8 minutes, and your kit will automatically shut off. 

Why is the Kit only marked for 110-120V? Is it safe to use on other voltages?

The Pakt Coffee Kit is fit for up to 240V. The actual specs are: 120V-240V | 50-60Hz | 1000W, however, since we went through the ETL certification process for the U.S. we were only able to" label" the kit for the 110-120v. We did add on that label that it is dual-voltage friendly to try to clarify that.

My Kit seems to have rust on the stainless steel. Is it safe to use? 

The type of stainless steel we use does not rust, so this is most likely just a cosmetic defect. It is completely safe to still use, and is caused by the welding on the coffee spout. We would be more than happy to review any issue and discuss it further with you, if you would like to reach out to us at

What kind of paper filters can I use with the Kit?

Our Coffee Kit is set to use Hario V60 01 paper filters. You can buy them at some grocery stores and a lot of coffee shops, or by using this link here.

My Kettle was working for a few days and now stopped. What do I do? 

We are so sorry to hear that! This sounds like a defect in your kettle, so if you can reach out to us at with the voltage, elevation of where you are located, and a description of the issue, we would be happy to get this resolved for you!

Is there a type of adhesive that I can use to reattach the silicone sleeve on my kettle?

We are so sorry to hear your kettle is not as designed, but yes absolutely! The best adhesive to fix this would be any food-safe, high-temp RTV silicone - black color recommended, like this one

Can we return our coffee kit if we are not happy with it?

We are not accepting returns for the coffee kits ordered via crowdfunding. However, if your kit is not perfect, feel free to reach out to us at, and we would be happy to help make it right! 

My filter has a tear in it or my dripper is missing a stud- what do I do?

First of all, our sincerest apologies that your kit was received in a condition not as designed. We would be more than happy to send a replacement part to you, if you could please send pictures and your shipping address to

Is there a warranty policy?

We are offering a warranty for defects due to faulty materials or workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery. If any issues relating to the aforementioned defects arise, Pakt will be responsible for providing a new unit and covering any shipping costs.

What kind of adapter can I use with the Kit?

The Kit is wired with a 3-prong North American plug (NEMA 5-15p), so you will need an adapter that accepts this format if you are in a country with a different plug format. Make sure that any adapter you choose is rated to accommodate at least 500W. We recommend one like the IG series from Ceptic

I can’t find my coffee filter!

Your reusable filter is on the side of the inside of the case tucked in the pocket. If it is missing for some reason, feel free to reach out to us, and we will get you squared away!