Hello 2019. Is that a coffee making kit in your backpack?

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As 2018 winds down, I’m reflecting back on what’s been an amazing year here at Pakt. We realize it may seem like it’s been a little quiet from us this year since we didn’t have any product launches. I can assure you it’s been anything but quiet behind the scenes... It’s actually hard to believe all that we managed to fit into 12 short months!


Pakt Team

Our team over the summer in Cape Cod. We've since grown to a team of 7!


In late December of last year we made the decision to continue Pakt beyond the crowdfunding campaign and grow it into a business. This year has been all about building out the team and putting the processes in place for that transition. We’ve also been cranking on our next product designs. To sum it up: we’re now a bigger team with great synergy having a lot of fun with our work. We also have (mostly) smoothly running systems in place, and a couple of products that are almost ready to unveil.

It was feedback from the community that made our decision to continue beyond the campaign, so it’s natural that our community is a big part of who we are. Recognizing that, we are constantly looking for ways to engage and involve all of you. One of my favorite additions this year was our new customer design input system that allows any of you to contribute product improvement suggestions. The response has been awesome and we have a growing list of great suggestions that you’ll likely see appearing in our future product revisions.


Once a brand has some name recognition it can be way too easy to start launching products relying on their name to carry it to success. The Pakt One is an incredibly refined product that we were very intentional about. In growing our product line, we are being just as demanding of ourselves and insisting that any product we add to our line will have at least the same level of refinement  to earn a place in our product line. Our next two products are well on their way to earning their spots.


We’ve already shared a little about the travel coffee kit that we’ve been working on for most of 2018. It’s not often you get to unveil a true “first-of-its-kind” product, so it’s a huge understatement to simply say we’re excited to fully unveil it. We CANNOT wait! Expect a lot more details in early 2019.


Working with our collaborators Impel Studios on the travel coffee kit. 


Our other product is one many of you have been asking for. Before we even launched the Pakt One travel duffel we started hearing from people who liked the concept, but would wait for a backpack version. I generally prefer backpacks when I travel so I have a personal connection and interest in seeing this one come to life. However, the travel backpack market is crowded and we want to make sure we don’t just add another different-but-equal option. We are pushing ourselves on every detail to create “The Ultimate Travel Backpack.”


Pakt One Backpack in development

Working with Anders and a special guest collaborator on the backpack design at Pakt HQ last week.


After we partnered with The Minimalists, Sprout Studios and Matt D’Avella on our first project, collaboration is built into Pakt’s DNA. Expect to see some familiar faces and names as well as new ones collaborating with our team to add value and unique perspectives in the new year and beyond.

As always, thanks for joining this adventure and making it all possible. 2019, here we come!

-Malcolm and a growing Team Pakt