Out of stock, again?!

Hi y’all – Malcolm, Pakt founder, here.

From day one, we have always invited our friends, fans, and customers along for the ride to see behind the scenes with as much transparency as possible. So, for anyone interested, here’s a little background on why you see so many products out of stock right now.

The Pakt 2.0 products we launched in late 2023 are the result of a two-year effort to overhaul our product line. We standardized materials, colors, and hardware across the line and launched 10 products, each in up to 5 colors, all in a short 4-month period.

Any time a brand launches new products, there’s a certain amount of risk that comes along with it, not knowing for sure how the new products and colorways will be received. As a young, mostly bootstrapped company, having all our money tied up in products or colors that don’t sell well or in products that have QC issues (and can’t be sold) can be a fatal mistake. So when launching new products, there’s a very real need to proceed cautiously and err on the safe side until we know what you think.

As you can see from our inventory levels, most of the new products and colors have gotten the thumbs up from all of you. Add in some positive reviews from respected pros like Maurice Moves and Chase Reeves, and suddenly the demand was much higher than we expected and we sold through some products three times faster than we expected!


So why not just produce more?

That’s definitely in the works, but it takes much more time than you might imagine. It usually takes 6-8 months from placing a factory order until we have those goods in our warehouse ready to ship to customers. For more detailed explanations of the production process, check out this post.

So, here we are, anxiously waiting and watching the tracking info for a cargo ship crossing the Pacific Ocean. In the meantime, we’re making improvements to our inventory management processes to reduce the chances of future out-of-stock periods.

I hope that helps explain things a little. The Pakt team and I appreciate your business that got us here, and we also appreciate your patience as we restock. If you came to this post because you were interested in a back-ordered product, I hope you will sign up for updates and notifications when it’s back in stock. The updates will be much more fun and educational than your average back-in-stock email – I promise!

Thanks for joining the adventure,



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