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Travel Backpack Production Update: Good things take a little time

Pakt Founder Malcolm Fontier with the Pakt Travel Backpack in Hoi An Vietnam


How long could it take to make a bag?

Even when we're producing an existing design, the production process takes about 5-8 months from start to finish.



The Pakt design team places the order for the product

Inspecting the recycled materials

+ 2 months

Fabrics, materials and hardware are ordered
Fabrics and webbing are woven to order, custom dyed, and treated with PFC-free DWR coating. Buckles, zippers, and other hardware are molded, stamped, and engraved

Webbing cutting

+ 1-4 weeks

Materials Shipping
All the materials that are produced at different facilities in different countries are shipped to out factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Fabric before dying process

+ 3 months

Cutting, sewing, and assembling can take anywhere from 1-3 months depending on the complexity of the product

Production process 

+ 1 month

Quality control
The factory carefully inspects their work for defects, then packages each product in our plastic-free packaging

The Pakt Travel Backpack and the Everyday 15L Bag

+ 1.5 months

Shipping to the US
Shipping containers containing the finished products are transported via ocean freight, the lowest carbon footprint option for transoceanic transport

Shipping container


your new Pakt gear arrives at your doorstep