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Travel Backpack Production Update: Shipping and Logistics



From cargo ship, to train, to truck

The journey from a factory in Vietnam to our shipping facility in the US can be unexpectedly long and unpredictable, depending on various outside factors, such as weather conditions, manpower, and even climate change.

It's also one part of our production process where we constantly look for ways to reduce our impact.

Vietnam Motorbikes

📍 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Finished products are loaded into shipping containers
Each product’s carton is specially designed to minimize airspace and maximize density in any shipping container or vehicle to decrease the carbon footprint of transport.

Cargo ship for ocean freight
+ 1 - 1.5 months
📍 The Ocean
We choose ocean freighting because it is widely considered to be the most eco-friendly option. Long-haul air freight generates 47x as much greenhouse gas emissions as ocean freight, per ton-mile.

Cargo ship for ocean freight
📍 The Panama Canal
The ocean freight journey from Vietnam to Texas usually passes through the Panama Canal to the port of Houston. A recent drought in Panama limited the number and size of ships that could pass through the canal, creating a new unexpected logistics challenge.

Cargo Truck
📍 US Port
When they arrive in the US, they must pass through US customs inspections before being transported to our warehouse
*You know those little “Made in” labels that you find in almost all products? If US customs inspects a shipment of goods and doesn’t find these labels on each product, the entire shipment can be rejected from entering the US.

📍 Your place
Your order is pick, packed, and shipped out to you.


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