Leading by Example

Can a bag help the planet? We believe so.

The Pakt One is breaking new ground on several fronts – one of which is blazing a new path for product packaging that can help our oceans.

When he’s not in the studio, you’ll often find our founder, Malcolm Fontier, on the water. At the time the original bag appeared in the Minimalism documentary, Malcolm was busy laying the groundwork for a new environmental venture to help fight the problem of plastic waste in our oceans.

As the requests for the bag flowed in, he hesitated on returning to product design because of his new environmental focus. However, discussions with Josh and Ryan of The Minimalists made him realize he could continue work on his other project -- and even accelerate it!

Single-use plastic, like plastic bags, straws, and product packaging, is the most environmentally harmful form of plastic. These light-weight items are the most likely to end up washing into our rivers and seas.

Malcolm’s other new venture, SeaHive, just went live this week, and the Pakt One will serve as its first case study. When you purchase the Pakt One, it will be shipped to you bearing the SeaHive Seal, which means 100% plastic-free packaging. From here on out, Malcolm and his team will consult other brands on reducing or eliminating plastic from their product packaging.

A minimum of 1% of the funds raised through our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign will be donated to SeaHive to help get operations off the ground. So know that when you buy a Pakt One, you’re also contributing to a project with the potential to change the world.