Pakt One Hardware Q&A

Thanks so much to all those that participated in our first ever Facebook live session! It was packed with tons of good info and up close looks at the bag’s materials & hardware, and we were only a liiiittle awkward, right?!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:


One topic we covered that we wanted to elaborate on was what hardware/materials we specifically changed from the original Malcolm Fontier Getaway. Not every product gets a 5 year testing period, but we were able to make some small but significant improvements based on many miles of travel:


  • We kept the same non-leather PU for the corner protectors- as you can see, the original has held up incredibly well and has no visible wear.

  • The cloth-wrapped handles were replaced with heavy-duty stitched webbing, and the shoulder strap now features a more durable (and comfortable) cushion.

    • The Getaway featured a metal D-ring and clip, which is pretty standard in the luggage industry. Malcolm noticed that with regular use, the metal-on-metal tended to wear away, causing the need for replacements and repairs. With the one, we completely ditched the metal D-ring in favor of stitched webbing, which not only is more durable, but also silent.