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Pakt One Packing Tips from the Designer

Malcolm Fontier created the original Getaway bag because he didn’t see anything else on the market that addressed the needs of experienced travelers -- the ones who know the benefits of traveling light, staying organized in transit. The Pakt One does all of that but in an even lighter, more durable package.

Check out what Malcolm carries and a few of his best packing tips in his own words:

1. Leave fashion at home (for the most part)

"For clothing, I pack dark, simple, and versatile items with one or two light or colorful pieces mixed in."


2. A reusable water bottle

"Single-use plastic is suffocating our planet -- don't add to the problem!"



3. Double duty wins

"Anything that can help me cut down on the number of things I have to pack is a winner for me. An example is reading on the Kindle app on my phone rather than carrying print books or a separate Kindle device. I also make sure to load up my favorite offline article reader, Pocket."


4. A small notebook

"Yes, this one goes against my general approach to packing, but there are some ideas that can only be captured the old fashioned way with a sketch"


5. Cut weight wherever possible

“This is a lesson from backcountry trekking. I use the MOST basic and light toiletry case (mine happens to come from Baggu) but it’s essentially a nylon bag that weighs almost nothing. Since every ounce counts, it’s lighter than most toiletry cases and takes up no more space than the contents within it."


6. Take a break from the screens

"I carry a single thin magazine with long-format articles for those times I can’t stand to look a digital screen anymore or my battery is dead. There’s nothing worse than reading the airline magazine over and over because it’s the only thing available!"


7. Skip the shaving cream

"On a week-long trip I may shave just once and I’ll use the conditioner supplied by the hotel as shaving cream rather than carry another bottle for a single shave."



8. Never lose power

"When traveling to an international destination with a different power plug format, carry an adapter. It’s so worth it to avoid having to hunt for one when you arrive!"


9. Sarong wins

"If you’re going to a beach destination, bring a sarong rather than a beach towel. They take up a fraction of the space."


10. The shoes on his feet

"I’ll wear a single pair of dark sneakers that are super comfortable and can be worn exploring a city, going for a hike, or out for a nice dinner. It helps that any place where sneakers aren’t dressy enough probably isn’t my kind of place anyway!"




On motorcycle travel:

"When you spend months at a time living with luggage space smaller than the average carry-on -- sometimes splitting that space with your partner -- you learn to pack very light!" 

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