“Why does the Pakt One cost so much?”

Happy first week of Pakt production! Now that we’ve settled into the first week of production, we wanted to get back to answering some FAQ’s that we’ve heard around the Pakt community.

First up:

“Why does the Pakt One cost so much?”

Or as someone else put it a little more bluntly in a Facebook comment:

We got a good laugh from that comment– we don’t think we’re a-holes, but that’s for you decide, not us. If we are though, we don’t believe it’s because of our pricing. Actually, quite the contrary.

We pride ourselves on delivering a great product at a fair price, but it’s not cheap creating a great product and doing so responsibly. In our opinions, as a manufacturer, one sure way to be an a-hole to the environment, to the people that help create your products, and to you the end customer, is to create cheap throw-away products that are cranked out just to make a buck.

So, back to the question of what drives the price of the Pakt One that appears high to some.

  1. Creating a product that will last costs. We use only high quality materials that are also environmentally responsible and source or design hardware that will stand up to your globe-trotting ways for years and years.

  2. Standing behind what we create and sell costs. We stand behind every bag with a satisfaction and quality guarantee. The cheaper way to go is to sell a product with a short or non-existent refund policy.

  3. Responsibly-sourced costs. We ensure we pay fair wages and only work with top notch manufacturing partners that value people and the environment the same way we do.

  4. Details, details, details. You would probably be blown away (or extremely bored) sitting in on one of our design reviews in which we nitpick the tiniest details in an effort to make sure every thread and detail is done properly. This obviously takes time and therefore money.

  5. It may be just a bag but... it’s a very refined bag that requires A LOT of effort to create, refine and produce. The bag is made up of almost 300 individual components (everything from each zipper pull and label to pieces of fabric cut to be assembled). It requires over 200 steps to assemble (each step of the assembly line).

Most bag companies have a full product line with multiple bags and there’s no way they could afford to put as much effort into each of those bags as we have with the Pakt One. As you know though, we have only a single product in our line so the Pakt One IS our company. Because of that we need it to be perfect and we were willing to do whatever it took to deliver a perfect product that we could be proud of everything that went into making it.

The retail price of $325 dollars simply reflects the cost of responsibly creating a product of this caliber in a way that will allow us to provide long-term support as a brand that stands behind what we sell. We could certainly cut corners but that’s not the way we do things here at Pakt. We appreciate all of you that also appreciate doing things this way.

We’d love to know if this added any clarity and welcome thoughts on the pricing topic and anything else. If you you have thoughts please share them and we’ll keep the conversation going.