Invest in Pakt

Pakt has grown a lot since our launch in 2017. We've launched multiple successful products, built an awesome team, and gotten many opportunities to connect with our incredible Pakt community. 

  • We have generated $4.62M in lifetime revenue with 24,000+ units sold to date
  • Pakt has cultivated an engaged, enthusiastic community of 75K+ people across the globe
  • We have multiple launches planned over the next 12 months.


"They've created a community where the term 'customer' doesn't seem to appropriately describe those of us that buy their products.  Pakt has given me a different lens with which to view and evaluate the objects I purchase and own. For that, I thank them."


A new (to us) type of crowdfunding

While we have no plans of slowing down, we realize that reaching the next phase of growth requires additional capital. Instead of relying entirely on deep-pocketed professional investors, we’re opening up the investment opportunity for anyone interested in owning a stake in our growing business through relatively small investments.  

For as little as $250, you can join us on our quest to create exceptionally designed products that will last a lifetime.

Our new equity crowdfunding campaign is hosted on Republic, a crowdfunding platform that makes it easy to invest in small businesses. It’s truly exciting for us to be part of this leap forward in democratizing the startup investment market. 


Learn more about the investment details on our campaign page, and if you’re interested in investing, it’s a quick process to own a financial stake in our company.

Whether or not you chose to invest, we’re so excited for you to join us on this journey! Questions? Want to learn more? Post your question here.