Production Update: MP2

As you may know, Grey and Navy bags have been in pre-order for the past few weeks. We totally underestimated how long our inventory would last us until we received our next Mass Production order! The good news is, the order is on it's way to our new shipping facility as we speak. 

The bags are currently in phase one of their epic journey. Here’s the latest from Melissa, our bad-ass shipping secret weapon that coordinates all the moving parts:

  • MP2 (about 4,000 Pakt Ones) was safely packed up, loaded into a shipping container, and the shipping container was then stacked onto the container ship CMA CGM ORFEO. If you really want to geek out like we do, you can actually track the ship’s progress with this link.
  • The ship is underway and on a 4 week journey from Vietnam to the west coast of the United States.
  • From there, the shipping container will travel by rail for about a week to our shipping facility in Texas, where all 4,000 units will be checked in, and then sent back out to their new homes.


The CMA CGM ORFEO. Isn’t she a beaut? We choose to ship our bags by sea rather than air because it’s the most eco friendly way to get our inventory to our shipping facility in the states. 


This is Claire, she manages the production at our manufacturing facility in Vietnam. Here she is overseeing a quality control inspection, and helping pack up Pakt Ones. Thanks, Claire!