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The next Pakt One arrives in 3.2 minutes

How many Pakt One bags can our factory produce in a day? Currently about 150.

We know it might feel like this stuff is slow going, but now that we’re deep into the production phase, things are cranking along!

  • Production set-up and testing began last month
  • Our production partners and QC (quality control) agents spent weeks fine tuning the production line to ensure each of the roughly 300 individual pieces and 200 assembly steps were optimized for quality and efficiency.
  • The factory had originally expected to produce close to 200 Pakt Ones per day once everything was running smoothly
  • Our QC inspections of the first units off the line caught a couple issues that we needed to adjust for. We slowed the line a bit to ensure the highest quality.
  • The factory is currently producing about 150 Pakt Ones per day.

To put that in perspective, in an 8 hour workday that’s one bag every 3.2 minutes! Despite the slower-than-hoped pace, production is in good hands with our factory manager, Claire, and we’re still right on track for on-time delivery in June.


Pakt factory manager Claire in Vietnam



The roughly 6000 bags pre-ordered on Indiegogo will take about 40 days of full production to produce. From the Vietnamese factory, they’ll be loaded into a shipping container and sent on a 30 day journey across the ocean to our US distribution warehouse, and then off to you (yay!).