We Want to Make Your List

A note from our founder, Malcolm Fontier


In the year and a half since we launched the Pakt One, we’ve spent a lot of time building our company and planning our next steps. A big part of that involves asking ourselves, “Who are we as a brand and what do we want to be known for?”

We’d like to think we’re pretty good at developing products. But what gets us really excited is pushing a design beyond being one that’s just good to being one that’s *exceptional*

As a consumer, I have high standards and expectations for the products I consider purchasing. And as a designer, you might expect me to be good at finding great products for my own use. But the reality is that when I think of the products I own, there are very few of them that stand out. Most people are the same way and can name, at most, only a few products they'd identify as truly superior. I think this few-and-far-between trend reflects the low average quality level of the products available to us. 

So back to the question of who Pakt is as a brand: Our goal is to create things that make the top of the list when people are asked, “What products do you own that stand out as being truly great?” 

Our approach is reflected in the number of products we produce. Until we launched the Pakt Coffee Kit a few weeks ago, we only offered a single product, the Pakt One, in three colors. You can expect the volume of products we produce in coming years to increase, but the reason for that is that the Pakt One set the bar high, and it’s important to us to make sure every product we add to our line hits the same mark for refinement, performance, and durability. 

In the process, we hope to help raise the bar for expectations of product quality and environmental responsibility surrounding their production, use, and eventual disposal.

“Love my PAKT... I rarely highlight "Things", but this, along with a few others, is true quality."” – Pakt customer, Steve Q.

What’s on your list? Let us know in the comments.

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