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Introducing the Pakt Crowdsourced Coffee Map!

Thanks to our community of coffee-loving travelers, who’ve identified their favorite places for a cup of joe (or a bag of beans) in their neck of the woods. With more than 300 shops from all over the world, we hope this helps you next time you’re on the road and looking for a caffeine fix. 



Submit yours!

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Some of the team’s favorite spots: 

Sara E: Sey Coffee in Bushwick, NY for when I’m meeting up with friends or need to grab a bag of beans for home  + Kinship Coffee in Astoria my favorite neighborhood spot! 


Sara C: Dinosaur Coffee in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. My favorite place to go work when I need to get out of the house. Super friendly baristas plus A+ coffee and a light-filled space. 


MalcolmSnowy Owl in Brewster, MA and Brew Urban Cafe in Ft Lauderdale


Melissa: Glen Edith Coffee Roasters in Rochester, NY.  Small, locally owned coffee roaster, with two fun locations. 


ElizabethCopper Coin in Woodstock, GA. Love the atmosphere, excellent coffee, and great spot to work!