Traveling Locally & Summer Staycations

Guest post by Luke Matthews


It has been a wild 2020 so far and travel enthusiasts everywhere are desperate and ready to hit the open road. However, not all countries have opened their borders yet and there are limitations as to what we’re able to do.

I plan on starting off my adventures with a few “Staycations.” Here are a few reasons to consider traveling locally and avoiding international travel right now.


Avoid the risks and inconvenience of public transport

For the near future, travel, as we know it, has changed. Airport travel is going to be a lot slower thanks to safety measures and luggage restrictions, which could cause some issues and extra costs. If you choose a local destination you can avoid all of these concerns. Jaunt off and explore the countryside in your own vehicle and forget those security lines and travel risks.


Support local economies

One thing I've really enjoyed seeing during lockdown is the increased attention to local businesses. These past few months, my partner and I decided to buy our groceries, coffee, and booze from local farms and shops. I've developed some relationships with these store owners, and it makes for a special and unique experience. With a staycation, you can choose unique local B&Bs or hotel chains that originate in your country. You can eat at unique shops that offer a peek into the local culture while still offering a different experience.



Explore your own backyard

Most people haven't properly explored their local areas– I'm a Canadian, born in Vancouver, BC, and I've explored more of the United States and the rest of the world than my own country. One day I'd like to remedy this wrong, and I have plans to road trip across Canada, but until then I'll remain in the "I haven't done this" camp.

These days I call the UK home, and this summer I plan on taking advantage of this beautiful country with some weekend road trips.


It's easier to plan

You can save a lot on transportation and accommodations when staying local. There's also no need to worry about passports, currency conversions, medical coverage, or which fanny pack to bust out of your closet. This is something I think many of us can appreciate as planning a vacation can be a lot of effort!



Staycation inspiration

Ok so I've given you some reasons to consider a staycation, but what are some ideas of staycations you ask? Check out my ideas below:


  • Rent a camper van and explore some nearby areas. Why not live on the edge a little bit and do some glamping? It's a pretty economical option. Quite often renting a camper van is reasonably priced. It can be cheaper than paying for a week of hotels, and it also covers transportation and accommodation in one. You can also fill the fridge and cupboards full of groceries and keep the food bill low. With accommodations, transport, and meals taken care of, you can plan your route and just enjoy sauntering into the countryside or perhaps scout out a campground or isolated beach and make an adventure of it!
  • Invite some friends to go camping / explore some parks. It's summer and the good weather is here. Since we just discussed glamping, it wouldn't be right if I didn't suggest good old fashioned camping! If you've got camping gear-great, but if not it's fairly affordable to buy or even rent some gear from local outdoor shops. Campsites are also generally very cheap! Pick a campsite that's in a park and do some research to explore the sights in the area you choose.
  • Rent an Airbnb or Bed & Breakfast in a different region. Why not book a weekend away in a region nearby that you haven't explored yet? I can remember vividly one epic trip Jill and I did a couple of summers ago as we booked a night at an Airbnb by a river and it was a shipping container home! It was a more memorable experience than some of the fancy hotels we've stayed at.


For trips like these, I’ve used my Pakt travel backpack because of the tons of nifty compartments it has for bringing all the right gear for weekend trips. I can fit my camera gear, laptop, extra hiking shoes, and even Jill's pillow! If you haven't checked out our review of this awesome backpack take a look here.


Luke Matthews is a Canadian guy living abroad in the UK. He co-runs SG Creatives Marketing, and enjoys ranting on LinkedIn about random topics like beards, wizards, and direct messages. He's a minimalist who loves to travel.