rePakt: the community used gear marketplace

Give gear a new life with rePakt

Our goal has always been to build top quality products that last a lifetime, and we're committed to doing anything we can to help keep those products from collecting dust in the back of your gear closet, or worse – winding up in a landfill.

We're proud to announce the all new community resale program, rePakt, where our community can now buy and sell used gear.

Got something to let go of? Keep perfectly good bags traveling the globe for years to come, and get Pakt store credit or cash:



How selling on rePakt works

Step 1: Post it
Take a few pics, answer some questions, and submit for review. Please note this is currently only available for U.S. sellers
Step 2: Ship it
After it’s sold, we’ll email you a prepaid shipping label to ship it.
Step 3: Get paid
Get up to a 110% payout when you sell and choose brand credit.
Questions? Check out our FAQ section for buying and selling on rePakt