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The Pakt Travel Backpack: Packed with 20+ Features

Launch day is Tuesday, March 17th and we are so pumped to finally bring you our number one most requested product since launching The Pakt One – the ultimate travel backpack, with gear guru Chase Reeves!

We’ve already revealed some of the features that were inspired by our community of travelers, but we thought it was high time that we got into some of the other exciting aspects of the bag that we’ve been saving as a surprise...  For a sneak peek at the full set of features, check out this new video that we produced for the upcoming campaign:



The 30-liter backpack (17 x 53 x 32 cm) features a dual-compartment zip-around structure that allows you to pack it like a suitcase, with a mesh divider so you can easily identify the contents of each side, taking a design cue from our first product, The Pakt One.



Interior mesh pockets hold smaller items keeping all your items perfectly in place and are the perfect place to stash the add-on accessories (keep an eye out for more info on those soon).

Breeze through TSA

Let’s be honest, the TSA checkpoint can be the pits. We included the Pakt TSA pocket to help ease the hassle of the process. Simply pull the pocket out to stash the items you keep in your pockets (rings, phone, AirPods, fruit snacks, etc.) and breeze through. Once you pass through security, grab your bag and head to your gate, passing everyone fumbling around with their bins on the way (sunglasses emoji). 



Contoured side handles were also included so you can comfortably carry backpack horizontally like a briefcase while you’re hustling to your gate. 


Straps that are comfortable and… transformable? 


The hip belt on the Pakt Travel Backpack is designed to be comfortable, supportive, and completely removable. 



Now for our favorite part….

Once detached, it completely transforms into a standalone travel bag that can be worn as a hip pack or sling! MAGIC. 



Phew! Now you know what we mean when we say this thing is packed with features. Check out the video of the entire set of features here.  

It almost time for you to claim one of these beauties as your own (REMINDER-LAUNCH IS TUESDAY, MARCH 17!). Stay tuned for an exclusive look at the incredible add-on products we’ve developed in our next update!