One Bag Wedding

Skylar Braun, Pakt Community

In December, my (then) fiancé Kelly and I traveled to California to elope in Redwood National Park and road trip the coast to enjoy the beautiful views of the Pacific Northwest. I had a theory that these backpacks would be PERFECT for this trip, and thankfully I was correct.

Packing for a wedding proved to be incredibly stressful and as you can imagine, it was not an ordinary trip. The Pakt 45L Travel Backpacks made our lives easier when it came down to keeping our belongings organized.


The Gear

Throughout the trip we needed to pack what we had in different ways. Once we had worn the wedding dress and suit, we packed them away into our bags, and wouldn’t be using them for the rest of the trip. These bags are blackholes. They look decently sized, but you can really cram a lot into them.

I had clothes for 5 days, including my suit, my camera gear, bathroom essentials, and a book all packed into my 45L. I even attached a tripod to the side using the water bottle holder and strap attachments.

There were so many times throughout this trip that we said to each other "Oh WOW, they really thought of everything." Organization is second to none on this bag. All of our belongings had a place that just made sense.

Train travel with the Pakt 45L Travel Backpack


The Trip

We took a train from New York to Pittsburgh where we had a 4 hour layover until we boarded an overnight train at 12am to Chicago.

In Chicago we boarded what was our home for the next three days. We had a roomette which is a private room on Amtrak's California Zephyr train. Each day consisted of amazing views, three meals and a surprisingly smooth ride.

Crescent City, California

Crescent City, California

Once we arrived in California, we were ready to almost jump off the train. We took an Uber to our car rental and then began our journey to our final destination which was the charming small coastal town, Crescent City. Located just south of the Oregon border, Crescent City offers everything from beautiful cliff views of the ocean to lush deep forests populated by the tallest trees in the world.

We tied the knot at Redwood National Park (wedding photos by Aly from Hazel Eye Photography Pacific Northwest & Redwoods

Skylar & Kelly Braun Wedding


If there's one thing I could say to prospective customers is that Pakt products will allow you to focus more on enjoying your destination. These bags will get you there! We can't thank the Pakt team enough for making this happen for us, we look forward to sharing more of our adventures using Pakt products.