New Look, Same Pakt

Pakt's new branding!

Pakt's new logo


There was nothing wrong with our old branding but with two new products on the horizon we thought it might be time for a little brand refresh. We enlisted our friends over at No Thanks, who we’ve worked with on other projects (like our website design and SeaHive branding), and we’re so jazzed about what they came up with.  

Here’s a little bit about the new design direction in their words:

Here is Pakt’s new primary logo! A strong and minimal lockup featuring a bold sense of character and a wordmark rooted in simplicity.

The new wordmark drops the uppercase typesetting, which the old logo employed, to a Title-case setting. A subtle nod to the original bounding container’s shape of the old logo is found in the hexagonal period.

Pakt is a statement, full stop. This logo is a reminder that the products in the Pakt line speak for themselves and don’t need extra fluff to carry the brand.

Tried and true Helvetica exemplifies simplicity and the elegance of pared down design, all aspiring traits that your products have created for the Pakt brand.


Hell. Yeah. Another Easter egg-- not only is the hexagonal period a callback to our OG branding, it's also a reference to our work with SeaHive. Notice the hexagon detail subtly tying the two brands together?

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