Let’s change the way business is done, together.

Malcolm, Pakt’s Founder and CEO, here. I’d like to invite you to invest in Pakt and join us in building something big, unique, and game changing.

As most of you know, we launched in response to community requests, and we’ve grown to this point exclusively through this community’s support. We want to keep it that way.

After many of you helped make the Pakt One launch a big success, we set about building a community-centric brand that incorporated our commitment to quality, the environment, and of course the travel experience. A company that does things differently and raises the bar for how business is done and what customers come to expect from brands they choose to support. Now, nearly 4 years into this fun journey, we’ve come to a crossroads.

We made it this far without taking any outside investment money. 

With nearly $5 million in total sales and tens of thousands of products shipped to customers that have written hundreds of 5 star reviews, it’s safe to say that we’ve proven the business model. We have processes in place to allow us to scale, and we have an awesome team that’s capable of more and bigger things. But, it’s also become clear that it’s going to take additional capital to support Pakt’s next stage of growth and enable us to reach our full potential. 

The opportunity in front of us is huge.

The luggage and travel goods space is a big and growing market. The global luggage market alone is currently estimated to be worth $22.8 billion. The legacy brands that have dominated the market for decades aren’t keeping up with your expectations for innovation, environmental responsibility, or customer service. There are plenty of newcomers, but the space is still hyper fragmented without a clear leader positioned to carry this exciting space forward. I strongly believe that, with your support, Pakt could become the brand to lead the next era in the travel goods space.

When I looked at all the options we had to raise the needed funds, choosing between the venture capital route and the community that brought us this far is an easy choice. We launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Republic a few months ago, then turned all our attention to launching the Anywhere collection. Now, my main focus is to raise the money we need through our Republic campaign, so that we don’t have to turn to VC’s.

So, I ask this 

If you like what we’re doing at Pakt; if you like the idea of a company that refuses to compromise on our commitment to the planet; if you like the idea of a company that values experiences over products and people over margins; if you dig the idea of like-minded people collaborating to build something game changing – please visit our Republic Campaign to read more about our business and consider making an investment.

I welcome any and all questions. Legally though, they need to be publicly posted in the discussion section of our campaign. So, please fire away with all your questions there.

I’m looking forward to growing with all of you and sharing in the success of Pakt!

All the best,