Everyday Carry Design Surveys

The pandemic has affected supply chains in many different industries, and unfortunately we haven’t been immune to it. Though we’ve hit some delays over the last two years, we’re making some big moves in the Design Department.

First up, we’re stoked to introduce you to our new Design Lead, Jason Brewer! Jason recently moved to Bozeman, Montana to join Malcolm on building our first ever (non-virtual) design studio. 

The real reason Pakt’s design HQ is now in Bozeman? Malcolm loved Yellowstone so much he had to make the move… kidding kidding (and he says he will deny he watches if asked). The city combines a unique blend of outdoor-focused life with a thriving design community scene. We’re so psyched about all the potential creative collaborations to come!

The first project for the designers to tackle will be designing Pakt’s first everyday carry collection– yes, finally! 


Ready to come along for the ride?

Pakt as a brand has been rooted in community involvement since day one, with the launch of the Pakt One. To return to those roots, we’re planning on sharing a more transparent look at the design process for all upcoming products, and looking for new ways to involve you at every step of the way. Starting now!

We’ve done some initial concepts for the everyday carry bags (to be shared in more detail soon) based on requests and previous surveys from the Pakt community. 

We could use your help on this next leg of the design process. If you’re interested, we invite you to share some thoughts with us in this new design survey to guide some of our design decisions. It should only take a few minutes, and it will help us make some badass gear for you!


Survey I

Lifestyle and general travel habits

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Survey II

Pain points of your current EDC gear

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