The Pakt backpack in collaboration with...

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As you know, we’ve been working hard on designing a Pakt travel backpack, our most requested product. Last week, Malcolm and Sara went to California to review the latest samples with our top secret bag scientist, who we are finally ready to reveal...

 malcolm and chase reeves


You might recognize this guy as the Internet’s favorite bag expert (and our favorite wildman), Chase Reeves. Chase reached out to us during our crowdfunding campaign to review the Pakt One for his YouTube channel. We were immediately impressed with his extensive bag knowledge, and blown away by his ability to geek out for thirty to forty minutes about features great and small. We knew we had to find a way to collaborate with this guy and tap his bag knowledge to make sure our backpack was on another level. Fast forward a year, and we’re doing it! We’re so stoked to work with Chase on creating the backpack, and can’t wait to share the result of the collaboration in the coming months.


Some photos from our work sessions in Brooklyn (December, Prototype 1) and San Diego (last week, Prototype 3):

the pakt team and chase collaborating on the bag design in brooklyn and in san diego 


backpack vs duffel 

Chase is the authority, so we asked him to weigh the pros and cons of duffel versus backpack travel. Check out his latest video, with a guest appearance by Malcolm.  


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