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Production Update: Ethical Working Conditions

When we visited the factory where the Pakt One was to be constructed back in December, it was absolutely essential for us to confirm with our own eyes that all employees are treated fairly, compensated properly, and work under safe conditions. We liked what we saw, but we decided go one step further–to make sure that the factory operated ethically, even when we weren’t around and to confirm the things we couldn’t confirm were also up to our standards. So, we called in an independent quality assurance inspection team.

In the review, our representative visits the factory and spends a full day going through everything from employment records to safety inspection reports, building code compliance and more. They also speak independently with randomly selected laborers away from any supervisors to make sure they get the same story about overtime pay, number of hours worked, time allowed for lunch breaks, and more.

We’re excited to share: Our factory passed everything with mostly top scores in dozens of different criteria giving them an overall score of 86%. Something we feel really good about.

Cedric and his team performed a thorough full-day inspection, looking for adequate emergency exits, employment records, and safety standards. The team got a chance to spend one on one time with randomly selected employees, away from the factory and management, to ask questions and confirm that they’re being treated as management states.

Here’s a brief summary of the results of the inspection:

  • Overall working conditions clean and with sufficient space and light.
  • Noise and heat levels are appropriate.
  • Ensuring that all the passages leading to exit and emergency exits are not obscured.
  • Evacuation instructional material is adequate and is installed in each workshop.
  • The production machinery is safe and is used in the correct way.
  • There’s a clear policy in place regarding the prevention of hiring underage employees.
  • Fair salary compensation is made to each employee. All payments are made on time and directly to the employee, and never to another party.
  • Employees are paid overtime and are not forced into overtime hours.
  • Insurance is provided for employees.
  • Along with dozens of other points