Travel Backpack Rain Cover

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Smarter (and more durable) than your average elastic rain fly, The Rain Cover zips snugly around your Pakt Backpack, creating an all encompassing barrier between your stuff and foul weather. For additional uses, The Cover ensures that none of your valuables are vulnerable when navigating crowded streets, and adds a protective layer when checking your bag.

  • Fitted wrap-around zippered design for complete weather protection
  • Durable construction
  • Zippered access to the front pocket of your pack
  • Packs into built in cinch sack 
  • Reflective accent for safety 

Multifunctional Backpack Cover

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Multifunctional Backpack Cover

Unlike average flimsy elastic backpack shower caps, our packable Cover features a slightly heavier but tough 80D fabric and a complete, zip around design, leaving no inch of your Backpack vulnerable as you trek to your Airbnb through an unexpected squall.

Premium materials and hardware allow for additional uses, like as an anti-pickpocket layer while on the go, or as a protective sheath from dirt and debris when checking your bag.

Product details

  • Measurements & dimensions
    • 5 oz
    • Length 20" (50.8cm) x Width 10" (25.4cm) x Height 11" (27.9cm)
  • Materials
    • 80D x 160D nylon ripstop in Black or Red
    • Reflective logo accent
    • Waterproof zips
  • Care instructions
    • You can wipe, or spot clean it. This item is not machine washable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Antonio Barrenechea
need a bigger rain cover

You should really make your rain cover bigger or "expandable" and maybe change the way you zip it up because when you stuff the backback with extra stuff you can´t really close it properly which is a shame since it is a really nice cover.

Pinon Nicolas

Juste the best Backpack ever!

Pablo Montanaro Cardone
super good

Thank you

Zoe C
I like it!

So I've seen mixed reviews about it, but here's mine. Overall I like the material it feels durable and will repel water nicely. The only down side of the material is that it doesn't have much stretch to it. Which would be fine if it weren't for the snug fit that is has on the bag itself. I've read that people said that it took to much time to put on. i can agree that it took a little time, but that would mean nothing to me to prevent my stuff from getting wet. I guess that's just a matter of preference and priority. People also said that it was difficult to put back into the bag, that it took a long time to fold it up and fit it into the bag. I actually just shove it back in and it works perfectly. My only change that i would suggest that the bag be little bigger, as it is now if i have my bag full for a trip my rain cover wont even fit and that would be my most need time for it. I am very glad that i purchased this rain cover and i look forward to using it.