THE ultimate travel bag guide

The 5 best bags for all your travel in 2023

New Year, new gear. It’s time to refresh your travel staples with gear that will take all the headaches out of travel in 2023. We’ve rounded up the best bags for any itinerary that the new year has in store.

The Pakt Travel Backpack

1: The Pakt Travel Backpack

Top-rated for carry-on and air travel

The Pakt Travel Backpack is the go-to bag for jetsetters and travelers on the move for 1-2 weeks.

The 25L duffel

2: The Anywhere 25L Duffel

For overnights, weekends, or day-to-day

The 25L Duffel is a compact and organized overnight bag, personal item, or daily essentials tote for a meeting or the gym.

packing a laptop into the laptop sleeve of the Pakt One

3: The Pakt One

Best for business trips

The classy Pakt One duffel is the perfect bag for any 1 week trip. Pack it like a suitcase to stay organized throughout the duration of your journey.

The Anywhere 50L Duffel

4: The Anywhere 50L Duffel

Max carry for long hauls and bulky winter-wear

The 50L bag quickly converts from a Duffel to a Backpack, and will swallow up all of the clothes you need for up to a month-long trip.

The 5L Sling in Nambia with a photographer

5: The Anywhere 5L Sling

Daily excursions and activities

The Anywhere 5L Sling is the go-anywhere daily carry bag that is perfect for exploring your new city by foot, bike, vespa, etc.