We're almost to the finish line...

Finally, the majority of our backers have received their bags! While the fulfillment-road was anything but smooth, we made it out the other side in one piece and are now preparing for round two of deliveries.

So- as you may have noticed, our first round of North American fulfillment did not 100% go to plan. There were several major communication breakdowns with our shipping partner, missing inventory from our manufacturer, packages that moved at a snail’s pace, and tracking tool malfunctions. Luckily (or unluckily), the chaos was all going down during our previously scheduled Pakt Team Off-Site in Cape Cod. It was the first time that some of us had met in person, and everyone lended a hand looking up tracking numbers, answering emails from the community, and plotting revenge against various parcel delivery services (mostly kidding, please do not blacklist us).

One particularly disappointing moment came when our backers that ordered multiple bags began to receive their orders… in boxes that were far too large for its contents and heaps of unnecessary plastic void fill. As you can imagine, we were all pretty peeved, as we had explicitly instructed the shipping company on how to eliminate plastic- we flew to Kentucky, ordered perfectly sized boxes for all multi-packs, and purchased paper tape and the machines required to apply it.


The Pakt One plastic free packaging


Emily from our Seahive team says it best:

"The world of packaging is about to undergo a major shift. Similar to when consumers started to seek out organic, fair trade, and cruelty-free products, people are beginning to prefer buying plastic-free. Big shifts like these can take time to be fully implemented throughout a supply chain, especially one as deeply ingrained as the packaging industry. There will be bumps along the road as companies and suppliers change their habits and shift to environmentally-responsible packaging solutions. We hope you’ll stay tuned as we work with companies, suppliers, and shipping centers to unite against the problem plastic packaging is wreaking on our oceans. When we work together we can make a huge dent on the issue."


How do we plan to avoid issues with the final batch of crowdfunding shipments?


Our new plan of action: 

  • We are holding our shipping partners accountable for not following instructions on eliminating plastic from all Pakt orders. They have assured us that they take our mission to eliminate plastic waste from our packaging seriously, but we will be looking for a new shipping partner if our requirement for eco-friendly packaging cannot be met consistently, with every order. Please let us know if you receive a package with any plastic whatsoever.
  • It takes way longer than we anticipated to get 4,000 Pakt bags out all at once, but we’re confident that we now have a streamlined process to get all remaining bags to backers in a timely manner.
  • Indigogo’s system for providing tracking numbers didn’t work very well for us, so we will be looking at alternative ways to get tracking numbers to you when your bag ships.