The Pakt Outlet Section Launches

While we’ve been busy working on the Pakt Travel Backpack launch (sign up for launch updates if you haven’t already), we have also been working on an outlet section and are excited to announce it’s officially up and running

This section will feature items with small defects that don’t affect functionality, as well as discontinued, quality Pakt products at discounted prices. 

We launched the outlet with just a single product for now, which is the inventory of the Pakt One first production order (MP1). This version still has all the same great features of the Pakt One, but with just a few slight differences: 

  • MP1 bags feature YKK exterior zippers on Black bags only, and MP2 bags 
  • The main compartment zipper sizes are #8 on MP1, and #11 on MP2
  • The front left pocket has a credit card pocket on MP1 bags, rather than the passport pocket on MP2 bags

As we continue to improve based on community feedback, there will be more products & improvements to make, so keep an eye on the outlet section to find great quality items to put to use at discounted prices.

The inventory available in the outlet section is limited, and once it’s gone, that’s it!

Keep sending your ideas for the evolution process to continue!