The Pakt One #AsSeenBy: Leila and Joel

#AsSeenBy is a feature on Pakt where our favorite photographer and artist friends capture images of the Pakt One in their unique perspective. Husband and wife artist duo Leila Brewster and Joel Cross are expert travelers that are always on the move, whether it’s for work as a photographer and a musician, or to escape for an adventure. We asked them how they typically pack their bag and what they do when they get to their final destination.


The Prep

What's your pre-flight ritual? Our preflight ritual usually entails making preparations for our dog Mike; we like to take him with us when we can, but that usually means a trip to the vet to make sure we have the proper paperwork for the airlines and our destination. Or, if he’s not coming with us, we make sure he has a dog sitter. Beyond that it usually involves waiting until the night before to scramble and pack up everything you need for the trip and a mad dash to make it to the airport on time.

Do you have a packing strategy? We've tried rolling our clothes and packing cubes, but they never felt like they were worth the effort so we stick to folding. Our strategy is more focused on packing light and packing things that you can get a lot of use out of. We generally stick to one carry on of personal items, even for longer trips.


En Route

Listening to… For a long time Radiolab was my favorite podcast but lately there's been three new ones that I love. Oprah's Master Class, India Arie’s Songversation and Dr. Deborah Adamy’s Enlighten podcast. These three always have great stories that are inspiring and grounding.


Ok, you made it! Now what?

The first thing you do when you get to a new destination? Usually the first thing we like to do when we get to a new destination is find some really good food and then we walk to see where serendipity takes us. Many times the best part of being in a new place is exploring it on your own. We’ve found more great performers, food and beautiful sites by accident than we ever have by following an itinerary.

Pienza, Italy

Pienza, Italy
Favorite destination of all time? One of our favorite destinations has to be Italy. We fell in love with the culture, the lifestyle, the food and the scenery. It’s the kind of place where when asking for directions you’ll get answer like, “you take a right-a, you take a left-a you cross-a the bridge-a and then you ask-a.” That kind of freedom and confidence in your community really allows you to relax and be present. Did I mention we got married there? :)

Also If you make it to Venice you definitely have to check out Gelato Di Natura. It's an organic gelato shop and I highly recommend the walnut and fig.

Take a car north of Venice a few hours you’ll find yourself in South Tyrol or as we like to call it, Narnia! The beautiful hillside, peaks of Tre Cime and the views from Lago Di Braies are 110% worth the trip.


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