Introducing The Pakt Coffee Kit: Now on Kickstarter!


Now Crowdfunding on Kickstarter!




We’re excited to introduce the second product in our line of obsessively designed travel goods, a first-of-its-kind travel coffee making kit for making a great cup of coffee without leaving the comfort of your hotel room or Airbnb.

We’ve all stayed at places where the coffee set up was less than ideal -- at best, maybe a Keurig or a drip coffee machine with a packet of stale grounds. Other times there’s no coffee at all, and you have to venture to the lobby or wander the city looking for a good cup way before you’re ready to face the world. Soon, all those situations will be “so 2019”! 

In Malcolm’s words:

“I enjoy both urban and off-the-grid wilderness camping travel, often on a motorcycle. When camping, I’m always the guy that surprises everyone by breaking out a kit and making some quality coffee. Over the years, I’ve refined my camping coffee kit to be a super compact and light kit. But when I travel by air, I can’t take the kit because it uses a gas camp stove. So, ironically, I can make great coffee deep in the woods but not in a hotel in a big city!  

Some people cobble their own travel kit together, but since the components were never designed to be compatible, they always end being bulky or fragile. I searched for a good kit for urban travel for years but never found one that had everything you need to make great coffee. So, we decided to make one.”

It’s compact, durable, and airline carry-on friendly.


The Pakt Coffee Kit

The Pakt Coffee Kit unpacked from a Pakt bag


The Pakt travel coffee kit was designed from the ground up to elevate the way you caffeinate when you’re away from home. From a source for hot water to a container for your beans to a cup that lets you take your coffee to go, we thought of everything.


As long as you have access to water and electricity, you’ll have a great cup of coffee.


The Pakt Coffee Kit the components of the kit nest together like russian nesting dolls

The Pakt Coffee Kit includes a container for coffee grounds and a scooper

The Pakt Coffee Kit is perfect for brewing coffee in your hotel room

The Pakt One Coffee Kit includes a dripper that collapses when packed

Crowdfunding this summer


As with all Pakt products, we obsessed over every detail of this kit, so we can’t wait to show you more. Make sure to sign up for our email updates if you haven’t already, and you’ll get behind the scenes access to the making of the kit, along with special offers and early access to the crowdfunding campaign.


Malcolm Fontier, lead designer at Pakt




Justin Osserman

Did I miss something, does this not have a grinder?

David Mangold

Will this be made in the USA?

Sara @ Pakt

@Monta & @Deborah – The tea drinkers shouldn’t feel left out! You can definitely use the grounds container to fill with loose leaf tea or tea bags and use the kettle to heat up your water :)

@Corinne – The price isn’t finalized yet- we’ll likely announce the crowdfunding tiers and pricing right before we launch the kit. We’ll be sending an email through our newsletters!

@Macnickerz – The kit will be dual voltage and will include an adaptor for European outlets. Good question about the car adaptor- it’s not currently in the works, but I’ll pass your feedback onto the design team!


I join the question about a tea-maker and the adaptable plug to car charger, Europe, Asia, South America… Those who would use this most would most probably travel many borders.


Price for travel coffee maker? Don’t leave me hanging!

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