The Coffee Kit Launches June 25th!

The Pakt Coffee Kit

Launches on Kickstarter June 25th

(11 days away!)


Guaranteed Access to Early Bird Pricing for the Pakt Community

We’re trying something new and a bit unusual for the typical crowdfunding campaign. For a full 24 hours, we’re giving everyone  in the Pakt community guaranteed access to early bird pricing. That means you have will have that entire day to access the best pricing on The Kit. No waking up at 4am, no sweaty palms refreshing pages, and no caps on the amount of early bird rewards.


Then, on June 26th, the campaign will become publicly available to the Kickstarter community

After the Early Bird specials are gone, The Kit will be available at a higher price for the rest of the campaign.


Know a coffee fanatic that would love The Kit?

Help us spread the word!. Anyone added to the Pakt community will get access to the early bird launch, and we’ll also enter you into a giveaway to win The Pakt Coffee Kit along with a bundle of our other favorite coffee + travel swag.