The True Tale of Shipping 7,000 Bags to 42 Countries

Who knew figuring out the logistics of shipping nearly 7,000 bags would such an epic journey? Melissa and Sara handle our operations and they have figured out the best possible way to get the Pakt One to you by our promised delivery date--and you are all over the globe so it’s been quite a puzzle and fun lesson in global logistics.

So how exactly will the bags reach the four corners of the globe?


Almost 4,000 bags are going to backers in the United States and 3,000 are going to other places all over the world. Throw in some materials and production delays and this meant we couldn’t complete all the bags in time to ship them as one batch. But we are dead set on hitting our promised delivery dates. So, how will we pull this off and ensure everyone gets their order in time?


Melissa explains it all: “One of the most common emails we receive in customer support is, ‘any chance you can send me my bag early?’ If it were only that simple! There are SO many factors that go into getting the Pakt One into the hands of our backers.


Melissa from Team Pakt

This is our amazing logistics superwoman, Melissa.


We put a lot of time and thought into selecting a partner for order fulfillment. We wanted to make sure whoever we chose, understood our needs completely.


The original plan was to load all of the bags from our mass production order into shipping containers and send them off on their 4-5 week "cruise" across the Pacific. Once the bags arrived at our partner’s warehouse in Louisville, Kentucky, they would be sorted and shipped out all over the world.  


The Pakt bags are shipped by sea on a cargo ship

Shipping by sea is much better for the environment than air freight in terms of the cargo’s carbon footprint.


After we thought about this plan more, it didn't make sense to send the bags that are destined for our international backers all the way to the US only to have to be shipped back out overseas. Not only do we want to be as efficient as possible and get these bags on your shoulders ASAP but we also wanted to be intentional about our decisions. This meant keeping to our ethos of being environmentally responsible and making an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.


So, we went back to the drawing board and decided it made the most sense to only send the US-bound orders to the US and ship the rest of the bags straight from our factory in Vietnam. Since our manufacturing partner doesn’t normally do order fulfillment, we had to get a bit creative.”


The Scene: Late at night Pakt founder Malcolm Fontier is pacing and running numbers in his head as his elderly yet adorable dog Ikki trails him. He lands on a crazy but enticing idea and decides to sleep on it to see if it still sounds like a good plan in the morning. He wakes up and calls Sara.

Malcolm: Sara, I have an idea. What if you went to Vietnam and oversaw the shipping of all of our international orders directly from the factory?

Sara: Hell yeah! I'm there. How long should I go for?

Malcolm: As long as it takes.

Sara: Cool.

Malcolm: Great. Let’s tell the team the new plan.

Sara loves Bahn Mi sandwiches

This is how it went down but the camera was a phone and she was making a slightly more excited facial expression.


And so it was decided! Sara is off to Vietnam in a few weeks with an open-ended plane ticket. She loves Banh Mi and is extremely organized: the right person for the job.