Production Update: Materials

We’ve strived to source materials for the Pakt One that are environmentally responsible, incredibly durable, and also met our high standards for both aesthetics and “hand feel”. When we traveled to Vietnam, we were able to see these materials in person- not only to see how they looked, but how they felt, and how they performed under different durability tests.

We made some big changes, and others more subtle. One of the more subtle changes involved Malcolm and Anders carefully inspecting the thickness of the semi-rigid insert that is sewn into the bottom of the bag to give it structure. It was an hour long (seriously) debate that required different samples to be constructed on the spot.

We’ve also completely overhauled the Navy bag, leaving Vietnam with a completely different bag than the original sample we were sent. The new navy bag now features a custom dyed coated canvas for the exterior, and a premium sand/gold color lining. Our design partner Anders has a real eye for color and material finishes. For what it’s worth, the man’s a fan of pink scarves and he wears them well. A lot of the credit for the navy bag refinement and details goes to Anders and we’re all pretty ecstatic with the results.


Here are a few of the considerations and decisions around materials:

  • We decided long-ago (back with Malcolm’s original bag line) to use only non animal-based materials. The reasoning being that there are materials that perform as well or better than leather and we have the ability to monitor the origins and working conditions throughout the entire process. Also, some of us (and many of you) prefer vegan products, so it’s a win for all.
  • Next, when it comes to selecting a synthetic, leather-like material the majority of options available are PVC (Polyvinylchloride) based. We opt to use more expensive PU (Polyurethane) materials because their production and eventual disposal is more environmentally friendly. PVC is cheaper and more readily available which is part of the reason you find it on many products.