Supply, Production, and Fulfillment: News and Updates

Retailers across every industry are experiencing bottlenecks – from production to global shipping. Here’s how Pakt is being impacted by supply chain issues that are affecting retailers all over the country. 

What's in the works

We’re working hard on getting these Pakt products in stock. Here’s what’s cookin, and when you can expect them to be available to order. Sign up to get restock notifications on the product page that you’re interested in! 

Please note that these estimates account for production and shipment to our fulfillment partners. Read on for more detailed information as to where we’re at with each product below.

Travel Mugs - January 2022

Status: On the way to Pakt Fulfillment 

We’re running a little low on certain colorways of Travel Mugs, but our production order is complete and on the way to Pakt fulfillment partners in the US. Though the inventory has nearly completed its journey by sea, the next step will be to get into port, get unloaded, and then travel by truck to our fulfillment partner’s facility in Dallas, TX. Normally this process takes about 10 business days, but because of port congestion and truck driver demand, this stage could take twice as long.


The Pakt Travel Backpack (Green), Packing Cube Sets - February 2022

Status: Ready for Shipment to Pakt Fulfillment

The next production order of The Pakt Travel Backpack in Green, and Packing Cube Sets in all sizes was completed in mid-November, however, due to the turbulence in the global shipping industry, it has been difficult to secure a spot to freight the inventory to the States. Our freight forwarder has been checking daily for space, but all vessels have been full. As of today, we still haven’t been able to secure space. We’ll keep you updated once more inventory is on the way.

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Anywhere Collection - March 2022

Status: In production

Our bag manufacturing partners located in Vietnam have been hit hard recently with major resurgences of COVID. As a result, our factories have had to close for months at a time. While they were recently opened, they are still short staffed due to many not yet returning to work. 

We are still making progress on this order, but production is slow, and we may have to pause again with rising COVID cases. We are doing our best to complete this order as quickly as possible, without compromising the safety of our manufacturing partners. 

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The Pakt Travel Backpack (Black) - March 2022

Status: In production

The Pakt Travel Backpack is manufactured at the same facility as the Anywhere Collection, and we expect production wrap-up of the Backpack to coincide with the completion of the Collection. We will keep you updated as we know more firm dates on when this product will be back in stock.

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