Pakt Playlists: Dennis Cahlo's Road Mix

Guest DJ Dennis Cahlo


Fun fact: I do not have my driver's license. But that always meant I was in charge of two things: The Map and The Music.

From way back when I was on tour and made "Road Tapes" on actual cassette tapes to cd's and now playlists I knew this: it's all about the flow. You have to think about how many hours you'll be on the road and make the soundtrack to the journey accordingly. The songs should make you want to put your coffee down and sing along or tap on the steering wheel during an insane drum fill. It should make you want to dance in your seat. Put your hand out the window and feel the air against your fingers. Stare out the window and watch the passing world.

This playlist is filled with old and new gems that I love. It's designed specifically to help you to keep moving forward with a few "chill" breaks if you want to chat over the music. But mainly, the songs are there to make you want to keep going and make the journey as much fun as the destination.