Pakt Policy Updates: Free Shipping & Lifetime Warranty

It’s been a great couple of weeks getting settled into our new digital home at, and we’ve already got a few updates on Pakt policies. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, that sounds incredibly boring, why am I reading this? Well, because these are FUN policy updates, trust me. Seriously!


Free Shipping

We now are able to offer Free Shipping for all domestic orders.


Lifetime Guarantee

Ok, we’re gonna be upfront here -- being a young company totally focused on getting our first product into customer hands, we hadn’t much thought about our warranty policy. We knew we needed one though, and that it should be a good one. We’re pleased to report we’ve finally set it in stone, and it’s simple -- we stand behind the quality of our products for their entire lifetime. If you ever have any issues with your bag we’ll take care of it. Period.


Other updates around the Pakt-o-sphere:

  • We sold out of Grey and Navy bags in the first 24 hours of our new website. Luckily, our new stock is currently being loaded onto a cargo ship, which will be making its way to the states shortly! Pre-order is available for the out-of-stock colorways, and they are on track to be delivered in November.
  • Black Pakt Ones are available for immediate delivery (and now with free worldwide shipping!)