Nominate a Community Hero

Here at Pakt, we are privileged to have an incredible community full of interesting people with inspiring stories. 

When COVID-19 first hit, we got many emails from members of the Pakt community that had to cancel epic travel plans. One of those was from Shanna, and we couldn’t believe how much she had been through since the pandemic began. She had canceled a trip to the Philippines that had been planned to have her and her partner’s families meet for a (now not surprise) proposal. 

This incredible RN working on the health care front lines lost a family member to COVID in the following months and ended up contracting COVID herself while on the job. She has since recovered and is still looking forward to adventures ahead. 

We believe those who do extraordinary work deserve to be recognized. Whether it’s someone on the health care front lines, someone working to protect our civil liberties or our environment, or someone who goes the extra mile to make their community a better place. Heroes are all around us, and we want to express our gratitude, which is what brings us to our new program.

If someone inspires you through their work, actions, or just everyday life, you can nominate them through our new Community Hero Nomination form. Once a quarter, our team at Pakt will read through all the applications and celebrate the amazing work our community is doing by selecting one submission to win a Pakt product as a small gesture of thanks.

Thanks to those who inspired us to start this program in the first place, including our now friend Shanna! 

“I can’t wait to visit when I’m able, and fulfill our trip to the Philippines one day.”- Shanna

We can’t wait to hear from you!