Meet Our New Eco-friendly Shipping Partners

If you read our updates regularly, you might notice that we talk about fulfillment and shipping. A lot. Who knew shipping and fulfillment was such a non-stop thrill ride, a rollercoaster of emotions? Certainly not us. We thought we’d take your along on our journey of switching shipping partners, partly because it’s causing some annoying delays in deliveries, but also because we are genuinely excited to be working with our new partners, and we want you to meet ‘em!

Why did we switch shipping partners?

Our old shipping partners didn’t really get us or our Seahive initiative to fight ocean plastic pollution. You might remember this haunting tweet when we began fulfilling Indiegogo backer’s orders:



Well, not only did we tell the shipping company, we made sure to discuss our commitment to plastic-free shipments before even signing our contract. We met at the shipping facility to introduce a paper-based tape, and bought our own dispensing machines for the warehouse.

After sharing this image with the community, we got many other messages alerting us that plastic had been used in more shipments than we thought. Despite committing a lot of our time and resources attempting to get them to change their ways, ultimately our requirement for 100% plastic-free shipments was not met.

 Enter our new shipping partners, Pegasus!

Pegasus is a small, boutique operation with just a handful of clients. We met up with Mike and David a few months ago and discovered that our companies were very much on the same page:

“We are excited and honored to be working with Pakt towards a common goal of growing businesses that make environmental responsibility a priority.

At Pegasus we use, reuse, and recycle renewable paper and corrugated products for our packaging. We shred much of the leftover cardboard for re-use as biodegradable package void fill and use water-activated paper tape for sealing the shipping containers. We do all we can to reduce the use of plastics throughout our entire business. We firmly believe that you can create amazing customer experiences, conserve resources, and protect the environment simultaneously. We look forward to a long partnership with Pakt to support their ongoing efforts to create a great experiences for their customers with minimal environmental impact.”

Pegasus will begin fulfilling orders next week, and we couldn’t be more excited to work them! If you’re waiting on an order, thank you for your patience during this transition period. We’ll be up and running normally next week.

If you have any questions about shipping or anything else, or you company could use Seahive's help eliminating plastic packaging, shoot us an email.