How to Brew -- Starring One of Our Crew

The Kickstarter campaign for our Kit launches in four days, and we’re busy putting all the final touches on the campaign. In the meantime, we’ve had some requests from the community that they’d like to see the Pakt Coffee Kit in action, so we’re happy to comply!

Check out this video tutorial featuring Pakt collaborator Dennis Cahlo.



Fun fact about Dennis is that we had a real meet cute. As a backer of the crowdfunding campaign for the Pakt One, he was one of our biggest supporters, and would often post about his travels with the bag. Cut to earlier this year and we ended up meeting up for (what else) coffee in Brooklyn, where we found out that he was not just a fan, but a talented filmmaker as well. And so a new relationship was born.

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is the electric kettle 110/220v compatible? please let me know, thanks!

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