Drinks To Go: The Post-Hike Michelada

Welcome to Drinks To Go, a series on how to make amazing, highly portable cocktails for your late summer and fall getaways. We’ve partnered up with some of our favorite brands, Elevated Craft and Hella Cocktail Co., to bring you recipes with minimal steps and ingredients that are easy to pack and find on the go. 

If you’re like us, you love the Great Outdoors, but you also enjoy a little reward/recovery beverage after a particularly challenging trek. We present the incredibly easy Post-Hike Michelada- no need to strain your now weary muscles with cocktail shaking, and bonus, this beverage is a little more high-brow than simply cracking open a beer.



Packing list 

Serves 2

1 can or bottle of your favorite light beer 

Mix equal parts Bloody Mary Mix & light beer (we used a local fav-
Grimm’s No Hands Now, but BL’s or a High Life will also do the trick for the unfussy) in any sealed, insulated water bottle, or your Elevated Craft Shaker if you have one. 

Travel Tips

  • Plan to pre-mix your Michelada before you hit the trails if you want to enjoy it at the top or at an overlook. With a double-wall insulated vessel, like The Shaker, your drink will stay cold on the trail for up to 24 hours (wow, 24 hours? We're impressed... and a little intimidated)

  • If you’re concerned about spillage, stash your liquids in the water proof pouch of the Pakt Travel Backpack

  • If you’re planning on toting your ingredients for a celebratory beverage at your final resting place (cabin, tent, hammock), you can easily stash the canned Bloody Mary Mix right in the cooler amongst your dozens of other cans of camp provisions