Wanna help create the ultimate travel backpack?

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You may have heard that after fielding many many of your requests, we have a travel backpack in the works-- it’s coming along nicely! It may seem slow going, but it takes a while to create a product that can truly stand out in the crowded travel backpack market. What’s that saying about Rome being built?

Anywayyyyy, we’re at a great spot with some very promising prototypes that we’re testing and editing. Now that we have the general direction locked down, we’re working out the details, and this is where we’d like your help. Your responses to the few quick questions in the survey below can help shape what we hope will be a travel game changer.

I have some ideas!

We’ve mentioned that we’re collaborating on the backpack’s design with a certain someone you may recognize. It’s not quite time to make mystery person’s identity known but we will say it’s been a lot of fun so far and his input is helping elevate the design in a big way. We hope we get to add your name as a collaborator too!