Community Sourced Map: Japan

Based on the 800+ submissions for Cancelled Travel that you all sent in, over 70 of you were planning on going to Japan, but due to COVID-19, your plans were cancelled. 


Well, we may not be going anywhere for awhile, but we can still plan our future adventures, and why not use the help of our community of travelers? We’re collecting tips from the Pakt Pack to build out maps of all the destinations we’re headed to post-quarantine. When we’re all cleared to travel again, we’ll have a bunch of tips from the Pakt Community to stack our itineraries with! 




Packing tips


"You need nice socks and a handkerchief when you visit Japan (buy the handkerchief there if you don't have one, they're everywhere). You will be taking your shoes off when you visit homes, ryokans, tea houses and other traditional sites. The handkerchief is useful for wiping your brow on a hot, crowded subway or drying your hands after washing. The public restrooms may all be space age technology, but they mostly assume you have your own hand towel." - Marlo

"Pocket Wi-Fi; Although a modern city in many regards, the access to free internet via cafes, bars, etc., is shockingly much much less than in most western countries. One can be rented cheaply enough at the airport upon arrival." - Curtis

"The JR rail pass, available only to tourists, which will save a ton of money on trains if you plan on going to various cities and/or staying 2+ weeks. A Passmo/Suica card for buying pretty much anything anywhere, just load it up and tap to pay. These cards are also super useful for traveling if you don't get the JR rail pass." - Stephanie





"The Old Imperial Bar in Ginza is my favorite bar in Tokyo (though there are so many great ones!!!) This bar was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is inside of a hotel that was also designed by Frank Lloyd Wright but was completely renovated except for this one part. It's really beautiful and feels like an insight into an older Tokyo.

Jimbocho is a small neighborhood of used book stores. It's beautiful to just walk around, I highly recommend Ohya-Shobo, they have beautiful old art books."

- Sandy


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