Community Sourced Map: Europe

We may not be going anywhere for a while, but we can still plan our future adventures. Why not use the help of our community of travelers? We’re collecting tips from the Pakt Pack to build out maps of all the destinations we’re headed to post-quarantine. When we’re all cleared to travel again, we’ll have a bunch of tips from the Pakt Community to stack our itineraries with! 

Based on the 800+ submissions for Cancelled Travel that was sent in by our community, over 150 of you were planning on going country hopping in Europe. Here’s one of our favorite submissions from Torbin K:


“Every other summer my family goes on a homecoming trip to the countryside of Denmark. This year for my grandmother who is turning ninety, we planned to fly her back to see the people she grew up with. 
One of my favorite memories of these trips was in the early morning after a never ending redeye when as we heaved our lazy wheeled portmanteaus onto the terminal floor we were greeted by my grandmother's sisters family. 5 am schnapps and warmed kransekage in hand. 
Along the coastal town of Vedersø and Holstebro we were planning to celebrate and reunite over pastries. Hopefully next year. Fingers crossed."


More travel tips

Prague, Czech Republic

"Pack your own cutlery and dish, to have an impromptu picnic up on the hills, beside the river or anywhere along the scenic city hike. You can't beat the views!"
- Marlo

Cinque Terre, Italy

"Hike the cliff path trail between the 5 towns, and bring comfortable hiking shoes!"
- Eban Lewis  

Fussen, Germany

"This town is beautiful - it’s close to Neuschwanstein Castle, it’s historic (has an old abbey from the original monks) and has such charm. There are entire shops devoted to wooden figurines. You can buy a snowball (like a baseball sized hard donut), and there are two Bier Hauses who have resident cats that hang out with you while drinking!"
- Deb

Lisbon, Portugal

Vanessa @veesass

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